Flight Sim Training

Aus West Airlines recognizes the safety benefits that Synthetic Training Equipment can afford our Flight Crew. In 2003 we established a dedicated Flight Crew Training facility and acquired the latest state-of-the-art FAA approved, PC Aviation Training Device (PCATD Simulator) from the United States of America.

Being the first of its type to be approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia, it is a unique training tool which allows Flight Crew to practice complex procedures such as instrument approaches, intersection holds with gusting winds, and realistic in flight emergencies including instrument, engine or system failures.

Each Flight Crew's performance can then be reviewed in great detail, analyzed step by step with view to constant improvement. This ensures that our Flight Crews are always performing at an optimal level and able to deal with any situation.

Flight Simulator
Instrument Approach
Flight Simulator Cockpit